Amy Cowan Etsell, PA-C

Amy Etsell, BS, MPAS, M.Ed, PA-C has been practicing medicine since 1994. A graduate of the Air Force’s PA training program, she provided primary care, acute care, and emergency medical care to the military community for 7 years before being selected to teach in the Interservice Physician Assistant Training Program.

She retired from the Air Force in 2005 and specialized in Dermatology. In 2011 she was recruited by the University of Manitoba’s PA program director to teach in their Master’s level Physician Assistant Training program. She moved to Canada and taught several classes in the U of M’s PA program for over 3 years.
Most recently, she completed a 3 month internship with Dr Janet Myers in 2016 and worked as a staff dermatology PA with the Cleaver Dermatology group in Kirksville, MO.

She will practice family medicine and brings a wealth of dermatology knowledge to our group one week each month.