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BGMG Given Kudos from Mayor Jim Arico

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Our office has been working hard to assist in putting an end to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have created an on-site rapid testing clinic to offer safe testing for our community and have started administering COVID-19 vaccines recently as well. “From The Mayor’s Desk…” is a weekly write up from our Bowling Green Mayor, Jim Arico and we are honored to have been given kudos from the Mayor in one of his most recent letters acknowledging the hard work we have been doing. Read the article below and/or visit The Peoples Tribune March 30th edition to see for yourself! Thank You Mayor Jim Arico for the wonderful message!

The Peoples Tribune: May 30th, 2021

From The Mayor’s Desk…
“Show Me the Potential” of Bowling Green and I will talk about our antique stores. For instance, Kay Redding, who started and has continued with Christmas in the Green, has Reading’s Shed and Stark’s Cabin which features antiques on West Centennial. Sue Haley owns and operates The Garden Gate located at 212 North Main Cross. Henny Penny has antiques plus a variety of styles and décor at 600 West Champ Clark Drive. Rena, Cindy, and Anna opened the The Kountry Store with antiques, collectables, and other gifts in 2004 and located at 822 Business Highway 61 North. Ann Layne and Gypsy Soul have sections of antiques on Church Street as well as the Bowling Green Pharmacy on the Square. Blackwell Cottage sells antique furniture through Justice Furniture which manufactures in Missouri. The Vintage Farmhouse at 120 West Main, (behind the Boutique florist), transforms ruins into treasured furnishings. Robbie Scott of Bowling Green also refurbishes antique furniture.

If I have missed anyone please let me know. I have accentuated these businesses because we have an Antique District that not everyone knows about. People will come from many areas of Missouri and even out of state to look for antique stores. This will attract visitors and tourist which brings in revenues for our city which then allows us to fix sidewalks, drainage, street lighting and repairs, etc. Show Me the Potential is a platform for Bowling Green to attract young families, build new houses, open new businesses, and offer more opportunities and quality of life for you and the citizens of Bowling Green.

Kudos goes out again to our health department for servicing our community with the covid vaccine. Many may not know that Denise Foster and privately owned clinic, Bowling Green Medical Group, has administered almost one thousand covid shots. Thanks to both for your service and care to Bowling Green and Pike County. Congratulations goes also to Michael Starks for breaking the BGHS record in the high jump. He jumped 6’ 4.5” for the new record. New head coach Craig Smith for boy’s basketball and Katie Splain for girl’s volleyball were hired at the last Bowling Green school board meeting.

I am continuing to invite Adopt-A-Project to: citizens, clubs, churches, non-profits, and high school students, teams for community service, projects, and even fundraisers with sponsors. Clean up Bowling Green is my desire to help those that cannot clean, pick up, throw away, tear down, or get rid of branches, old sheds, tires, unused appliances, lumber, toys, bikes, ill-repaired fences, take away old campers, cars, and to beautify our town. Let’s take pride in what we have and keep our city junk, rats, and mosquito-carrying infections, free!

As your mayor, I have also been requested to ask for donations to build, “Welcome to Bowling Green” signs at our city’s on-ramps off Highway 61. This would be a $1 donation given to the city by as many citizens as feel led to give. This is your city project. If you would like to see it happen, then please donate by sending a check to city hall made out to: city of Bowling Green and designate welcome sign. A Bowling Green Volunteers meeting was held Tuesday, March 23 where many short and long term goals were discussed and prioritizing of these for grant applications.
March is Women’s History Month and in 1848 the first Women’s Rights Convention was held in New York where the Declaration of Sentiments plea was signed to end discrimination against women.

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