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! Patients of Bowling Green COUNTY MARKET PHARMACY !

By May 17, 2023 No Comments

Patients of Bowling Green

We are aware County Market Pharmacy in Bowling Green has closed but we were not notified until May 11. First, we were told all prescriptions would be sent to Hannibal Walgreens, but on May 18 we were advised they are now going to Troy Walgreens. Please be patient during this process as this was the decision of the pharmacy owners and not our office.

Please do not be rude to our staff regarding these meds as we know there will be major issues and hang-ups when they do reach Walgreens. We have already heard from our patients that Walgreens has no information yet and they have been very unkind when they are contacted regarding this matter.

For any COMPLAINTS, please contact: Health Mart Rx Customer Support at 855-458-4678
County Market/Niemann Foods Complaint Line at 888-722-6629.